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Express Mobile Diagnostic Services, a leading provider of portable, digital x-ray and ultrasound, is committed to providing x-ray and ultrasound results in less than 35 minutes from on-site, electronic submission to final report.

Our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations!

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We offer online services that enable your staff and physicians to access reports and images as well.  Our x-ray services run 24/7 and ultrasound is also 7 days a week on a scheduled basis.  Our staff is well-versed in the area of keeping communication open so that your staff always has an idea of what time their exams will be performed.  We use all digital equipment that meet or exceed industry standards to cut back on misreads, incorrect and/or vague reports which can lead to the need for repeat examinations. 

“Throughout the years that we have partnered together, they have shown nothing less than professionalism, high quality service, rapid response times, and accuracy…”

Online Access

We make it simple for your staff to maintain efficiency and save time!


Our online access allows for…
  • Ordering exams
  • Viewing / Printing / Faxing / Emailing forms
  • Viewing images

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